Books and Book Chapters

  1. M. M. Titirici (Book Editor), Green Carbon Materials via Hydrothermal Carbonisation of Biomass”, Wiley-under production, expected publication date July 2013, Wiley.
  2. M. M. Titirici (Book Chapter), Green Nanostructured Carbons” in Producing Fuels and Fine Chemicals from Biomass using Nanomaterialsedited by Rafael Luque and Alina M. Balu, 2013, Taylor & Francis
  3. M. M. Titirici (Book Chapter),inHydrothermal Nanocarbonsin “Advanced Hierarchical Nanostructured Material”edited by Qiang Zhang and Fei Wei, 2013, Wiley.
  4. M. M. Titirici (Book Chapter), Hydrothermal Carbons: Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications in “Novel Carbon Adsorbents”, edited J. M. D. Tascon, 2012, Elsevier.
  5. M. M. Titirici, D. Murach, M. Antonietti (Book Chapter), Opportunities for technological transformations: from climate change to climate management?” in “Global Sustainability – A Nobel Cause”, 2010, Cambridge University Press.

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