Previously Funded Research Projects

Sustainable Energy & Storage in Developing Countries
Funding source: E.P.S.R.C.

This project aimed at establishing strategic links with developing countries in the area of renwable energy for further research funding under the Global Challanges Fund

Low-cost na-ion batteries
Funding source: EPSRC (TSB)
This was a collaboration with Johnson Matthey on developing a full battery in a coin cell configuration based on a biomass dervied anode from QMUL and a P2 type cathode developed by JM.
Biomass-derived Microporus Carbon Adsorbents for CO2 Capture and Storage – BIOADSORB
Funding source: Commission of the European Community

This project produced efficient adsorbents for CO2 based on porus carbon materials.

International Exchange Scheme: China 2013 NSFC
Funding source: The Royal Society