• Sabina Nicolae has won the London Young Person’s Lecture Competition 2018 organised by IOM.
  • Magda Titirici has been awarded the Chinese Academy of Science President Fellowship and will have to spend some time in Beijing
  • Heather Au and Anders Jensen joint the group as postdoctral researchers to work our EPSRC grant on carbon anodes for Na-ion batteries.
  • Magda Titirici has won the 2017 USERN award in Physical Sciences,
  • Sabina, Pierpaoo and Anthony joined our group as PhD students to work in the Green Carbon ITN
  • Servan Herou won the price for the best poster at the Bio-resources: feeding a sustainable chemical industry: Faraday Discussion meeting organised by RSC
  • Magda Titirici is involved in the organisation of the Bio-resources: feeding a sustainable chemical industry: Faraday Discussion 19-21 of June where most of the group will attaned and present.
  • Magda Titrici  was awarded a prestigeous Honorary PhD Degree ( Dr. Honoris Causa) from University of Stockholm. The award ceremony will take place on the 20 of September at the Stockholm City Hall . Here is some publicity.
  • Magda Titirici  together with Ana Sobrido  have obtained a 50k  Insitutional Link Newton Grant to collaborate with  Diana Lopez at University of Antioquia in Medelin, Colombia.
  • Magda Titirici was invited to give a talk at the Armourers and Brasiers  Cambridge Forum at the Departament of Materials, University of Cambridge
  • Magda Titirici was invited to give a talk at the Green and Sustainable Chemistry conference in Berlin
  • Magda Titirici  took part in the kick of meeting of the new ITN project GREEN CARBON coordinated by the University of Zaragosa in Spain
  • Noel Díez is visiting pur group as  a visting research associate from  Energigune in Spain
  • Fabian Ernesto Quesada Plata is visiting us for a few months as an exchange PhD student from the University of Alicante in Spain
  • Magda Titirici was invited to gave a talk at the Nordic Biomass Conference in Stockholm
  • Magda Titirici has vistied  the research froup at Northwestern Polytechnic in Xi ‘an to establsih colaboration lonks with the Energy Materials Group
  • Our group have organised the 1-st Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonisation at QMUL which was a great success: HTC 2017. Thanks to Kathrin Preuss for makingthis event happening and all the group for the support during the event.
  • Ruixuan Chen joined our research group as a PhD student with a CSC Scholarship
  • Hande Alptekin joined our research groyp as a PhD student witha Turkish goivernment sponsored PhD.
  • Kathrin Preuß won the 3 Minute Thesis Presentations competition at the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research Conference held in Belfast. Kathrin had the very difficult task to present the aims, outcomes and future directions of her PhD thesis entitled “Sustainable Carbon Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells” in only 3 minutes in front of a jury formed of H2FC hub researchers.
  • Magda Titirici gave  a talk at the UK Energy Storage Conference at the University of Birmingham
  • Pelin Yilmaz won the best poster price at the UK Energy Storage Conference sponsored by Nature Energy for her work on Low Cost Andes for Na-ion Batteries
  • Magda Titirici was invited to speak at Sustainable Materials for Emerging Energy Technology (SMEET) at the Institute of Materials and Mines in London
  • Kathrin Preuss won best poster award at the Industrial Liaison Forum organised by our school for her research on Pt-free catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells
  • Welcome Vern, Carlos and  Alejandro as new MSc students in our group.
  • Magda Titirici was awarded the prestigious Rosenhain Medal and Prize from the Institute of Materials and Mines in London in recognition of distinguished achievement in materials science under the age of 40.
  • Adam Marinovic  successfully passed his PhD viva in 24th Oct 2016, congratulations! He is the first one to complete a PhD in  the London-based team
  • Philipp Schlee has joined our group as a PhD student and will work on  making flexible electrodes  from lignin for supercapacittors with Innventia
    in Stockholm
  • Jingyu Feng joint our research team as a PhD student to do research on biomass derived graphene and graphene composites. He  has a CSC fellowship and will be co-supervised by Ton Pejis and Mike Reece.
  • Congratulation to Mo Qiao for wining the internal SEMS PhD Photo Competition for her image entitled  “Biomass derived carbon nanosphere prepared via hydrothermal process”
  • Welcome Erica, Angela, Madhur, Abdallah, Sab  and Evangeline as new project students our group.
  • Magda Titirici has received the European Advanced Materials Award at EAMC in Stockholm
  • Congratulations go to Kathrin Preuss for winning the prize for the best poster for her presented work entitled ‘Sustainable Carbons for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells” at the 7th UK – Japan Symposium on Fundamental Research Advances in Carbon Nanomaterials.
  • Group attended Carbon 2016 in Penn State  with various posters, talks and fun stuff.
  • Magda Titirici is coorganising the section “Carbon Materials in Catalysis” at the Carbon 2016 Conference at Penn State
  • Pelin Yilmaz joins our group as a PDRA to work on an recent Innovate UK grant with Johnson Matthey on Na-ion batteries.
  • Congratulations to Niko Papaioannou for winning  the Bronze Award at the SET for Britain Bronze Award for his poster: FROM BIOWASTE TO FLUORESCENT QUANTUM DOTS.
  • Yong Sheng Hu from Insitute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science won an Advanced Newton Fellowship to collaborate with our group
  • Yan Yang has joined our team  as a PhD student to work on Graphene Carbon Quantum dots for Photocatalytic  Water Splitting
  • Welcome Carlos Eduardo Costa Laginhas! He is visiting us for three months from  University of Evora in Portugal and is interested in combining carbon materials and molecularly imprinting polymers to produce biosensors.
  • Well done Vasanth Kumar for winning the  ‘Early Career Researcher Poster Prize’ for his poster entitled ‘Molecular simulation study on nitrogen doping effect on the CO2 adsorption behavior in nanoporous carbons’ at the UK Carbon Capture Research Society Biannual Meeting, which is held at Cranfield, 21-22 April 2015.
  • Our new paper in Angewantde Chemie:Biomass-Derived Carbon Quantum Dot Sensitizers for Solid-State Nanostructured Solar Cells in collaboration with Dunn´s group has generated quite some attention from the media:  Shrimp shells offer new way to make cheap solar cells was featured in: The RegisterYahoo News IndiaScience DailyEngineering and Technology MagazineCanada StandardLaboratory EquipmentRenewsR&D Magazine
  • Our group  obtained an Advanced Newton Fellowship to do collaborative work with the group of Qiang Zhang at the Department of Chemical Engineering Tsinghua University for  the next 3 years.
  • Well done to Adam Marinovic who has been selected to present a poster on his research at SET in the House of Commons on 9th of March.
  • Servann Herou joined our research team for his PhD studies. He will investigate the production of carbon nanomaterials from lignin and explore potential applications.
  • We welcome Guillermo Álvarez to our group! Guillermo is visiting us from Oviedo (Instituto Nacional del Carbon-CSIC) for 4 months.
  • Nikolaos Papaioannou joins our research group as a PhD student to help elucidate the  mechanism of photoluminoscence in carbon qunatum dots. He is a joint Materials Research Institute PhD Student with  Andrei Sapelkin in Physics.
  • Kathrin Preuss joint our group as a PhD to develop sustainable electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells. Kathrin is  a joint Materials Research Institute PhD student together with Isaac Abrahams in Chemistry.
  • Mo Qiao joint our research team as a PhD student to do research on carbon hybrids for energy storage. She  has a CSC fellowship and will be co-supervised by Russell Binions
  • Congratulations to Vansanth Kumar for obtaining a prestigious Intra-European Marie Curie fellowship to be able to join our group. His research topic will be CO2 capture using carbon adsorbents.
  • Congrats to Adam Marinovic for wining the Carbon 2014 award for the best student presentation in Jeju, Korea
  • Our group has received a Royal Society Exchange Grant to collaborate with  Institute for Metal Research Chinese Academy of Science in Shenyang.
  • Magda Titirici has received a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant upon her move from Germany to UK.
  • Magda speaks to Green Chemistry Executive Editor Anna Simpson in a recent Chemistry World Interview
  • Magda Titirici is now a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Magda Titirici  has become now an associate editor  for J. Mater. Chem. A  (IF =8.2) with focus on Materials for Energy and Sustainability
  • We strongly recommend you a great book from Wiley Sustainable Carbon Materials from Hydrothermal Processes edited by Magda Titirici

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