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We are an international and multicultural research team working on sustainable materials for renewable energy applications.  Our research is centred around the production and advanced characterisation of sustainable materials produced from abundant, low-cost precursors using low energy consumption manufacturing techniques and their application in renewable energy technologies. We are particularly interested in understanding the relationships between material’s structure at different length scales and their performance in various energy and environmental applications.

The motivation behind our research is solving societal challenges without compromising the environment. We work on the production of sustainable materials and their fundamentals applied across several pillars:

research activities

  • Energy Storage
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Gas storage and conversion
  • Biomass to desired products
  • Fluorescent carbon

For more details regarding our research please check our RESEARCH section as well as some of our PUBLICATIONS .

Some group pictures over years are here:

group picture victoria pub
Summer 2018
New Forest National Park,  Group Trip 2018
Chinese New Year Celebration 2018
group picture sussex
Seven Sisters Cliffs, Sussex Group Trip 2017
Adam Marinovic PhD Viva-2016
Carbon Conference@ Penn State 2016
Titirici group 2
Carbon Conference@ Dresden, 2015

For any information related to the group activities please contact: m.m.titirici@qmul.ac.uk

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